Thankful For a Car

So I arrived in Seattle on Saturday, and right after I arrived, I went to look to buy a car (Read about how I got to Seattle). I was pretty excited to buy a car since I’ve been a traveling missionary for the past year and a half. I haven’t had my own car in about a year and a half!

That may not sound like a big deal, but when you’ve been driving your own car your entire life and, all of a sudden, you have to borrow other peoples cars or depend on friends to pick you up, you realize how convenient it is to have your own car lol

A Close Call

Before I arrived in Seattle, there was a couple of cars that I got really close to buying, but God closed the door to them just in time. The first car I was thinking about buying was a 2006 Honda Civic. It was in my budget, it was really clean looking, and I really felt that it was going to be my future car.

Because I’m a car guy, I know how to do car background checks and fix many mechanical and electrical problems, so I wasn’t worried about fixing things on it. Once I went through my inspection process, I determined that it could be a really great deal. But there was one thing I wasn’t sure about. The condition of the engine. I don’t want to deal with replacing an engine right off the bat haha

Without getting too technical for those of you who don’t know about cars, one of the biggest problems with the 2006-2009 Honda Civics is a factory defect where the engine could crack and start leaking out of nowhere. Yup, that’s right. There’s no way for you to know specifically which 06 Civic will have this problem. Everything could be okay today, and tomorrow it could crack.

Praying a Dangerous Prayer

Since this type of problem can be unexpected and there’s no way to know this can happen unless you research it first, it made me really nervous about buying it. The owner of this car did say that the engine had already been replaced, but it made me nervous when he said the engine wasn’t replaced by Honda.

I wasn’t nervous that a backyard mechanic did the repair since I’m also a backyard mechanic lol, but I was nervous because all Honda Civic engines from 2006 to 2009 could have this engine defect.

If I were to replace an engine from a 2006 Honda Civic that is cracked because of this factory defect and put in an engine from another 2006 Honda Civic that’s okay, the engine might be okay for now, but eventually, the replacement motor would probably crack too since they’re all defective engines.

The only real solution is to have Honda replace the engine since they would replace it with a stronger and higher quality engine. So, I prayed, “God, if this car is not your will and there are problems with it that I’m not willing to fix, like the engine, I pray that you would reveal those problems before I consider buying it.”

A Nervous Answer To Prayer

After my fiancee and I talked and prayed a lot about this car, we both decided to buy it and trust that the Lord was leading us. So, on the morning my fiancee was going to buy the car, the owner of that car texted me and told me that the car was overheating.

At that point, my heart sank. I knew something was seriously wrong with it. Even though I couldn’t say for sure that the engine was cracked, I already knew that most likely was the problem. That was a REALLY close call!

I prayed that same exact prayer for every other car I looked at. I hate praying that because I don’t like being disappointed haha But, I know the power of prayer. After skipping out on a couple of other cars that were terrible deals, I bought a 2005 Honda Accord!

My Honda Accord

Yes, there’s damage to the body, but it’s nothing I can’t fix sometime in the future, which eventually I will. But I bought it because it’s low mileage, it’s reliable, it’s easy for me to work on, parts for it are cheap, there’s only been one owner, and there’s a whole lot of maintenance records!

After I did my own 24 point inspection, I realized that there’s nothing mechanical that needs to be fixed immediately. I didn’t want to pray that God would close the door to the wrong car, but when we pray and ask God what He wants for us, He’ll close the wrong doors and open the right ones. it’s all worth it in the end when you get a God deal isn’t of just a good deal!

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