Rescued Love Book

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This includes a paperback copy of Rescued Love along with two downloadable ebooks: Rescued Love and Why Christians are Skeptical of the Supernatural.

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Ernesto Aragon was born and raised in a healthy Christian family, grew up in a good church, and had all the things most people think would bring happiness. Despite all that, he struggled with self-worth and always had trouble building and sustaining relationships with people.

Throughout his life, his self-worth was determined by what other people thought of him. But one day God revealed to him during a very dark moment that our value isn’t determined by what people think of us, but it’s been solidified by what Jesus did for us.

One of Ernesto’s goals is to help people who don’t know their value discover the very reason for their existence. We were created for love, we suffer for the sake of love, and we thrive because of love. Ernesto believes that if we keep love as the focus in our relationships, we will build a Godly legacy for others to follow through our relationships.




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